I was in Toronto last week for the premier of my Glenn’s new movie which had its international premier at TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival). The film is brilliant, Glenn is the co-writer along with the director Rebecca Daly. I even went into the ugly cry at one of the scenes. You will all be able to see it later this year, it is called Good Favour keep an eye out!

We arrived on Friday afternoon Canadian time, we checked into our hotel, which was mega, we had a view of the CN Tower from our room and then just had dinner with Rebecca and the lead actor of the film.

On Saturday morning the first thing I checked on my google maps was where the closest Deciem store was, Deciem is the company who make The Ordinary. I am sure you have all heard about The Ordinary by now. We still can not buy it in Ireland, yet, but if you really want to try before you buy you can get it in House of Fraser in Belfast if you fancy a day trip….. Anyway we met Rebecca and off we went in search of the Deciem store. The closest store was in Toronto’s china town which was about a 40 minute walk so off we went. The store is on a residential street and when we finally got there we were all terribly disappointed with the store, it was tiny. I was expecting a larger store and for it to be all minimal and fabulous. Feeling a little deflated we went in……..

The store is small but perfectly formed. It had everything that Deciem make, although there was a lot of foundations out of stock which was a real shame. But they had pretty much all the skincare I wanted. Rebecca also got a good few bits, including two foundations, the light coverage almost serum like foundation which blends beautifully and leaves your skin looking beautiful and makeup free and she also got the fuller coverage to use as a concealer, it has medium to full coverage, more full than I like for a foundation but perfect for concealer. And the best news is the price, they both cost $6.90, basically free.

I bought these four products. The hand cream is divine, I did buy the primer although I am not a fan of primers I gave into the positive reviews on-line. As a primer I guess it is good, makes your skin feel lovely, almost like velvet. So I do think I will be using it in my kit but not as a primer. I will use it on men who are having their shot taken. It really makes the skin feel smooth and does ‘fill in’ pores etc. I will give it a go as a primer but I am still stuck in the 1890’s and tend not to use them. I got the Retinol 1% and have been using it for a few days, kinda like it but no results as yet so I will review it in the future when I look 7. Same goes for the Lactic Acid 10% although this does seem to work, I can feel it on my skin.


I did get the Hyaluronic Acid when in belfast a few weeks ago, and to be completely honest I much prefer the Skin Ceuticals version, which is literally multiples of the cost. So for value for money The Ordinary is far better but if price is not a big issue I would still get a luxe branded version.

So am I in love with the brand like the whole of the internet is?? Maybe…. I really love the costings, I love how they keep their stores small, how the packaging is simple but works perfectly. All of these factors make it cheaper for them to produce which makes it possible for them to sell to us at the prices that they do. Which of course is really wonderful. But even if a product is costing me less than a tenner I really want it to work, it is all about the results. So I guess a further post on how they are working is needed. But for sure the foundation and hand cream are brilliant. Good luck trying to find your perfect colour!!!



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