Victoria Beckham x Estée Lauder

Last week I was invited along to a presentation to launch Victoria Beckham x Estée Lauder collection in Brown Thomas. This is Victoria’s second collection for the brand and it has grown hugely this time and I have to say it’s beautiful! We were told that there would be no photo opportunities so when the talk was over I quickly exited and made my way to the counter to have a proper play with the collection, you can imagine my disappointment when I saw other beauty press putting up their selfies with her, and when I checked my email the PR had emailed me to say to run back as she had come out for photographs. But my friend Hazel got word of this and very kindly used her photoshop magic and made me some photos that you can see on my Instagram.

I always love coming to Ireland, and I’m thrilled to back at Brown Thomas to celebrate my new collection with Estee Lauder. This capsule really reflects my personal beauty vision, with lots of incredible new products, textures and shades – all inspired by my favourite cities in the world. I can’t wait to share it with my customers here today!” – Victoria Beckham She also told us that Harper took her first steps in Brown Thomas and of course we all rememeber that they got marred in Dublin too, so she  really does hold some great memories here.


Victoria talked us  through the whole collection yesterday and what really struck me was how much she knows about the range, I know that sounds outrageous but a lot of celebs/designers just give their name and take a pay cheque from cosmetic companies. But it actually seemed that products were made that VB (Victoria Beckham) couldn’t get her hands on. And as someone who is constantly in the public eye/paparazzi lens she knows what a girl needs to look good. And she loves makeup and it genuinely showed as she was talking about the range.


First up to tell you about is Morning Aura Illuminating Creme, this is part luminous moisturiser and part brightening primer and it promises is fresh glowing skin. VB talked about how when she gets off a long haul flight she is always met by the press, can you imagine getting off an 11 hour flight and and the paparazzi being there to greet you, I generally look like I have been dragged out of a canal after a long haul flight. I can’t imagine having to think about looking good for the cameras, but apparently Morning Aura makes your skin look fresh and healthy instantly. It was also part of last years collection and is in the signature collection this year. I did love it but found it made some peoples skin a little too illuminated, nothing a small bit of power can’t sort out. You can even apply it on top of your makeup if your skin is looking a bit tired dried out.

Above is the Signature collection, this is the core of the collection and includes Morning Aura. The mascara has sold out already, packed with loads of micro fibres it gives you lashes of dreams and it is also mink lash friendly, comes off with warm water. The Skin Perfecting Powder is a pore-blurring magical makeup setting powder. It has the softest yellow undertone, mostly translucent but that soft yellow brightens up your skin. The powder is so fine that you can reapply all day long as needed and it will never look too powdery. The Aura Gloss is a high-shine gloss with a golden pearl shimmer that catches giving you red caret ready looking skin, I wouldn’t stop at the skin using this product, apply in the centre of a matte lip to make your lips look healthy and youthful, if you want a more editorial looking eye makeup you can apply it on top of your eyeshadows it is a really versatile product. And with a €36 price tag it is one of the ranges most affordable products.  I will report on the rest of the collection later in the week.

It comes in beautiful packaging, the whole collection is packaged in the most beautiful gold and black packaging, similar to Estée’s other uber luxe brand Tom Ford. Any of these products will look mega in your makeup bag!


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