The Cliff at Lyons Spa

Now, I am fully aware that I have been AWOL for ages, any freelancers out there will know that this time of year is tax return time and it is proper hell! I have spend the past three weeks trying to figure out how to file my own taxes, accountant fees can but outrageous and also I was pretty good in business studies in school so it would be easy, right??? Eh no, no it is not easy, in fact it was so bloody hard and accountants are worth every penny! But I was elbow deep in excel sheets with my expenses and wouldn’t give in! I made countless calls to the Revenue help desk, despite my previous preconceived notions that they are all battle-axes who just want all your money, they were actually incredibly helpful. One guy stayed on the phone with me for almost an hour explaining how to do it and he actually figured out that I had not been claiming a tax relieve that I am entitled to, saved me €500. He has made the christmas card list.

On one of the days I had been invited to the new spa at The Cliff at Lyons, so off I went to Celbridge, which is only 20 minutes away. I was guided through the grounds to the Wellness by the general manager Lucius, who is so lovely and incredibly knowledgable about the estate and has proper passion for the village.

The waiting area/relaxing suite is beautiful, feels like you’re in somebody’s really fancy country residence, but you feel like you can really kick back and enjoy the surroundings.

The products that they have developed, yes you read that right they have developed their own range, is incredible. It is 100% natural using ingredients that are indigenous to Ireland, a lot of the ingredients are grown on the estate, you couldn’t get more ‘local’ produce than that. They feel and smell amazing, there is a body scrub that is possibly the nicest smelling body exfoliator that I have ever smelled. I have not managed to get my hands on it as yet but I am planning another trip so I will pick some up then.

Now for what you’re really interested in, the treatment! What’s the point of going somewhere fabulous and having a shit treatment. I have actually gotten up halfway through a massage and left. Well that will not happen here. I had a back massage with Laura and can O tell you it was one of the best massages that I have ever had, this girl knows her stuff. I am useless at getting massages I always want to chat, I find it too hard to relax when someone is massaging you. Laura at first was answering me with hushed one word answers but when she realised that I was a chatter she got on board and we had a great chat. She has been in the business for years and won best therapist in Ireland in 2005 and best massage therapist in 2006. We talked all things skincare and I can’t wait to go to her for a facial, as soon as I have time I am booking in!

The treatment rooms are beautiful, just like the rest of the estate. The one I was in had an actual fire in it, it wasn’t lit the day I was there, but imagine the smell of a real fire while having a massage or a facial done, pure bliss. I really can’t wait to go back and have a facial, maybe see you there!!

You can check out the treatment menu here and best news is that it is not bank breaking expensive, like it is not cheap but well worth the money for the quality of the treatments and the surroundings.


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