The beauty story at Arnotts

Have you been to Arnotts recently?? I hadn’t been in so long, I tend to buy in BT’s or Dundrum as they are handy. But that’s all going to change, I was invited into Arnotts for breakfast a few weeks ago as they have introduced Cover FX to their catalogue of brands, I’ll talk about that later. Firstly a huge mega congratulations o Arnotts for having possibly the best Beauty hall in the Europe. They now have mega brands like MAC and Charlotte Tilbury and they still have old favourites like Elizabeth Arden (it can be hard to get on the south side). Of course they have all the heavy hitters like Estée Lauder, Dior and Lancome but what I truly love about their Beauty Hall is that they have really affordable brands slap bang on the floor, NYX has a huge counter right beside Bobbi Brown, if you haven’t tried it you need to be! The Bobbi Brown counter is right under the huge sky light, it more a sky roof to be fair, and being able to do makeup in natural light in a Beauty hall is unbelievable. No matter how much money a store spends on lighting and they spend fortunes it will never be as good as daylight. The Smashbox counter is lively and great crack, they’ve a new palette that you’d kill for. And the fragrance section is massive but thousands of scents to excite your nose!

Now back to Cover FX. This is a vegan brand, and their vegan brushes (zero natural hair 100% synthetic) are possibly the best synthetic makeup brushes I’ve ever felt. But as a brand they are most know for their makeup, in recent times their Custom Enhancer Drops have become instagram gold, with beauty bloggers all over the globe loving them. I’ll admit I wasn’t very excited to try them at first because I looked at a lot of the bloggers making themselves look like the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz. But when I got my own I was really surprised at how subtle you can make the glow be. This stuff doesn’t have the metallic finish that I was dreading, unless you use loads. But the clue is in the name, Drops. If you add one drop to your foundation it completely changes the finish to a beautiful glowy finish or just use the smallest amount on your cheek bones for a stunning perfect skin sheen. I’ve actually watched YouTubers pour loads all over their face before adding more to their foundation and then putting it on top also, fecking ridiculous carry on!

The natural finish foundation is proper lovely, feels almost like a tinted moisturiser but has more coverage. They have of course the fuller coverage foundation sticks. These when used properly give you a perfect flawless finish, but remember to blend it well otherwise it is too heavy. There are loads of shades, from the palest shades to perfect darker shades, this is always too rare.

The counter is open now and be sure to check out all the other treasures when you’re there!


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