Christmas gift guide #1 2017

I have to finally give in to Christmas, I really try to ignore it for as long as possible. I am still not allowing it into my house, but so many people are full of Christmas joy and although I want to slap them in the face and scream ‘pull yourself together it’s only December 2nd’ it is too late for that now, so I may as well join in, just a little!


This year there are so many incredible gifts on the market that this years gift guide will be hard to compile. First on my list for gifts this year is fragrance. Who doesn’t love a new fragrance. There are loads of new one on the market and many of them have my favourite scent on the planet, Tuberose. Chanel launched Gabrielle earlier this year, the first new fragrance from the brand in years. It is beautifully flowery yet has a very sophisticated warm spice fragrance to it, it is practically perfect. Next up is from Aerin by Estée Lauder. She has created two Tuberose scents, Le Soir and Le Jour. Le Jour is inspired by the white Tuberose flower also has Neroli and Jasmine for its floral notes and Cashmeran and Cedarwood give it a delicate warmth. It comes in a really pretty pale pink bottle. Le Soir is for sure my kind of scent, it is rich and heady yet super floral. With Mandarin, Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, smooth Sandalwood, and Vanilla create a luxurious, chic fragrance. The bad news is that these two fragrances are not available in Ireland, but you can order it online here.


This unisex spicy fragrance from YSL is a fragrance that really surprised me this year. It’s dark spicy scent really captured my attention. Not my usual type of fragrance, not a sign of any of my floral favourites, but there was something about it that I loved. Smoked patchouli gives it a beautiful warm scent and then spices and green accords turn this magnificent perfume into a scent that you will love to rob from the person you buy it for!! This is the one perfume that when I wear it I am asked at least 6 times that day what am I wearing and my bottle is almost empty I will be needed to get a new one, it is exclusive to Brown Thomas.

Sisley make some of the most incredible fragrances. Eau de Sisley 3, is fresh and floral but it is strong and beautiful and the scent lasts for hours, unlike a lot of floral fragrances. There is a subtle succession of fresh notes: essence of bergamot, essence of mandarin, the bitterness of grapefruit, and the acidity of lemon. At the heart of the fragrance is red ginger with chinese osmanthus and hints of peach and apricot and then there is the strength of patchouli and vetiver, the smoothness of benzoin and vanilla and the softness of musk. I first smelt this fragrance on a client years ago and I have been buying it for years. Eau du Soir is a refined, elegant and proper timeless perfume. It has the freshness of citrus notes along with the sensuality if florals it has a signature of chypre, a heady scent created with sandalwood. Whenever I am in Harvey Nichols I have a good sniff! I bought it for my Mum for Christmas last year, she has been a Coco Chanel wearer for as long as I can remember and she loves it! In true Mammy style she saves it for good……. What does that even mean!!


White Musk from the Body Shop has forever been one of my favourite smells. My Nanny wore it and so did one of my cousins. I was recently in The Body Shop on Grafton Street and had a smell to see if it is dated, and to my delight it is still as fresh and lovely as it was in the 80’s. With a mix of notes including musk, lily, iris, rose and vanilla. And best of all it is really budget friendly.

There are two new brands to Ireland that are so bloody exciting. Frederic Malle is one of them. This brand deserves it’s own post which will be up later this week, but just be sure to check them in Brown Thomas. But it is safe to say that they have some of the most beautiful fragrances, from super floral to one of the headiest oud’s I have ever smelt. And  By Kilian is the other brand. They also have some rather incredible fragrances. This brand is all about luxury, the packaging is just as important at the fragrances. Some of the perfumes come in a clutch, that you can use as a handbag, with cool quotes and the perfect size for dancing with. Both Frederic Malle and By Kilian are exclusive to Brown Thomas.


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