Christmas Gift Guide #6

Everyone loves some home fragrance, like who doesn’t love a good candle burning??? I certainly do, and you will always find my favourites burning in Gleonard Towers. I have a few favourite brands, all of which have a variety of scents to choose from, so you don’t have to get the floral scents that I always choose from.

Neom is my favourite brand at the moment, I recon I will get one more night out of my three wick Scent to Sleep candle. This brand is beautiful, fully organic with the highest quality ingredients and scents that send you to another place entirely. I always buy the Scent to sleep range, the candle has a powerful scent which is never overpowering, it just calms you down and does help bring you to a more serene sleep.  If I am having a bout of insomnia I burn the candle, use the bath/shower oil and then spray the pillow mist liberally just before going to sleep and it genuinely does help. For Christmas the brand always bring out a couple of Christmasy scents, which are beautiful. I really do appreciate them but I always just but my usual fragrance but as a gift I think the Christmas ones are perfect. There is a certain routine in choosing your scent from Neom, so what I need from the range may very well not be what others need, they do scent to calm& relax, scent to make you happy, scent to boost your energy and scent to de-stress. Within the range they have one and three wick candles, I always get the three wick ones as you get so much more value from them, and you genuinely only have to burn them for 40 mins and you get the whole evening out of the scent. They also have a travel size candle, which are a great tester for your home. They have reed diffusers in the range that actually work, I have bought many reed diffusers in my time, some of them mega bucks and they never work, but these do. I still rather a candle or room spray, I like a strong hit of fragrance!! Neom is available in Brown Thomas or online where you can avail of 20% off until midnight tomorrow.

I couldn’t talk about home fragrance and not talk about Jo Malone, these are the original luxury home fragrance. This years Christmas is bright and fun, with candy stripes in really bright colours that will for sure brighten up your Christmas! They are packaged beautifully and everyone loves to get a Jo Malone bag! They have so many fragrances available in home fragrance, Lime, Basil & Mandarin is my favourite. The Christmas scent is Green Almond and Redcurrant and it is delicious! Jo Malone is available in Brown Thomas nationwide, BT2 in Dundrum and now it is in Arnotts!

Diptyque has been one of my favourite home fragrance brands for years, in particular Tubereuse. It is so fresh and beautiful and the room spray fragrance lasts for an age! When you spray it  the fragrance lasts for hours in the room, which is generally not what happens with room sprays. Available from Brown Thomas and Space NK this brand is a beaut! Of course I love Tubereuse, which is Tuber Rose scented which is having a huge moment in fragrance at the moment with Chanel, Aerin Lauder, Estee Lauder and all major fragrance brands using it in recent launches. I have been using it for years!!!

Jo Loves is the new brand from the creator of Jo Malone, after some years not working she has come back to business with a bang and with her she brings her unique sense of smell with some of the most beautiful fragrances I have tried in years! Unfortunately the brand is not available to purchase in Ireland as yet, but they do online sales and their customer service is impeccable. The products come beautifully packaged and well wrapped up for traveling! My favourite is Red Truffle 21, it is floral but has an unusual scent to it, unusual in a very very good way! I have the hand wash and lotion, and I am planning on getting the candle when I run out of the couple that I have ready to go. I tend to buy candles in bulk, meaning when I have money in the bank that is burning a hole in my wallet I buy things that I will use eventually! Candles and room sprays being the ones that I tend to buy mostly! Jo was a guest at a recent Image Magazine event and she had a pop up store at the event which apparently sold out, so I am guessing that a full time store will open in the future or at lease there will be a concession in a department store, please do open one Jo!! As with all of her original fragrances there is a mix of floral, Oud and spice in the list of fragrances so something for everyone. Their website is great and will quickly have you ordering far too many gifts for others so you will have to keep some for yourself!


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