Christmas Gift Guide #7 Blow the budget

If you really want to spoil someone this Christmas I have the perfect gifts that they will love!


First up is this amazing set from Victoria Beckham for Estee Lauder. It comes with six products from her collection, the instant iconic nude lipstick called Victoria, it is really the perfect nude shade. The incredible pressed powder, one of my clients loved this so much I had to give her one of mine, theres a nude lipliner and gloss and finally the beautiful highlighter, which I have been using as a multipurpose product, as it has a bit of colour its perfect as a light blush or on top of a blusher and blended up towards your temple makes for the perfect colour grade blush. But the best thing about this is the beautiful leather bag that they come with. It is a typical Victoria Beckham bag, stunning leather bulky zip and hardware but so beautiful! This is too nice to use as a makeup bag, it makes the perfect clutch bag. It is exclusive to Brown Thomas and has a RRP of €650.00.

La Mer is always a very welcome gift for anyone, like everyone! For christmas they have limited edition packaging of the iconic Crème de la Mer original cream moisturiser. Also a limited edition of the lip balm which has a soft pink tint to it but still has the fab mint flavour, this is one of my favourite lip balms, I always have one on the go. Glenn is not allowed use it as he digs his fingers in and takes huge amounts of it out and at €60 a pop it’s too good for that!!And finally they have a limited edition Illuminating Powder, a pressed powder that gives skin a healthy glowing complexion, this is the first of this type of powder from the brand but in the summer they bring out a limited edition bronzer which is beautiful so this won’t disappoint! All of the above are sold separately if you want a pre-packed beauty they have five available and starting at €75.00 for the Replenishing Collection which has a lip balm and hand lotion, which diminishes the signs of age spots on the hands, and comes in a really cute bag. To really spoil her The Ultimate Sculpting Collection will have her/you screaming for joy. Inside you get a full size 60ml Crème de la Mer and two editions of the Lifting and Firming Mask – one full-size and the other mini-treatment edition ideal for travel, if I am doing a client for red carpet or an event were they will be photographed lots I always apply this mask.


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