2018, what’s to come

2017 was a pretty shit year to be honest, we had a death in the family that shook us to the core and left us all broken. And then to finish the year off I had to have a routine operation which turned into major drama with internal bleeding and a rush to emergency surgery the following morning. It was zero craic. But I am feeling better now and ready for the new year to start.

Last year I set up The Beauty Agency with my friend and mega hairdresser Lydia O’Carroll, our aim is to provide a hair and makeup service for weddings, events, parties really anything you need makeup for. But the difference is that both myself and Lydia work with a very light hand. Our style is to make you look like the best version of yourself. I have been to so many weddings and events and seen women who normally wear minimal makeup with a full face of makeup on, more than a Kardashian and with hair so ‘done’ it does not move. Now I understand that this is what a huge amount of women want but for the others who just want to look great and like themselves I didn’t think that it was easy to find a team that does natural makeup and hair. So fingers crossed 2018 will be the year The Beauty Agency makes a splash! The stunning images above were created with the help and talent of some of our great friends and colleagues, thanks so much Sarah Doyle, Emily Quinn, Bryan James Brophy, Catherine Condell, Thalia Heffernan, Rebecca Morgan at Morgan the Agency for giving us all the beautiful girls, Louise Kennedy, Alison Conneely, Mark from Shop the Garden and Elaine Madigan. Who all gave their time and talent for free to create the images, thank you!


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