Want a better sleep???

In 2016 The Natural Sleep Company did a survey of over 1800 people (79% female and 21% male), and the results are so interesting. As it happens our bed is from The Natural Sleep Company and it is so comfortable (just to be very clear this is not an ad and I didn’t get my bed for free, but I will be needing a new mattress in about 5 years if anyone wants to donate :))

A staggering 56% of people are kept awake at night by a racing mind, that’s far too much worry for my liking. While you can’t change some of the factors that hinder our sleep like dreams and babies, even noise can be difficult to change if you live in an urban area. But most things we can help figure out.



Room and bed temperature is easy to fix, once your bed partner is on board with any changes. If you and your partner feel the cold differently you can wear more clothes, wear pyjamas or ever a pair of fluffy socks. I don’t feel the cold especially when in bed but poor Glenn can be frozen, I would have the window open 365 days a year but we came to an agreement that it had to be closed from December to March, but in fairness the window has been open for the last week. I have gone to bed and found Glenn in a hat and many layers of clothes in the past, I agreed that he could close the window that night. When it comes to dreams there is really nothing you can do. Where noise is concerned you can get ear plugs if you can’t make the noise stop, I got earplugs that you mould to your ear so they are comfortable. I have unusually small ears, I can’t use earphone that you put inside the ear as they literally kill me (I may be being a tad dramatic). These mouldable earplugs are magic, I find the foam ones to be too big and always fall out of my ears during the night. There are loads of brands available in your local pharmacy. Discomfort is an easy fix, get a new mattress, we are supposed to get a new mattress every 8 – 10 years, that’s far more frequent than I expected. When buying a new mattress be sure to proper lie in the bed in the store, have a good aul toss around the bed, I rather a hard mattress but lots of people prefer a soft one that hugs your body. Every bed shop will have all of the different firmness options available to test out. The best news is that with the arrival of huge stores like Ikea you can get a good quality mattress for a good price now, so be sure to shop around and find a bargain. Now for the massive 56% of you who’s sleep is interrupted by a racing mind there are lots of things you can do and products that you can use to help calm the mind.

After the breakdown of the relationship with my business partners me and sleep were not on speaking terms, I basically didn’t sleep any more, I was worried sick 100% of the time. I read on a blog somewhere to keep a notebook and pen by your bed, if something pops into your head write it down in the notebook, get it out of your mind. I know this sounds super simplistic but honestly it really works, I think the physical writing it down makes your brain think that you have dealt with the issue, that it is sorted. It really worked with the majority crazy that was in my mind. A friend bought me Neom’s pillow spray, I was doubtful if a spray would change my sleep pattern, I am an awful doubting thomas, but it genuinely does help. A few sprays onto the pillow a couple of minutes before going to bed and you’re sorted for a good deep nights sleep. Also dealing with issues and not, like me make like an ostrich and put your head in the sand, will calm your mind. Talk them out, be them small or big you have to off-load. There are so many services available to us now that are free and super easy to get in contact with. I am lucky that I have so many people that I can talk to, but many are not that lucky. The Samaritans are an incredible service and you can contact them free of charge on 116 123.

Now for the beauty bit, there are two brand that I use all the time. Neom and This Works. Both of them are amazing and totally work, I promise. Neom is an organic range that was set up in 2005, using the best possible ingredients and highest quality oils the products are simply beautiful. When I burn the candles in my sitting room the scent is strong, never overpowering, and it travels throughout my house. I only ever buy the Scent to Sleep range, all of the fragrances are beautiful but I love the Scent to Sleep. I always have a candle in the sitting room, the bath/shower drops in the bathroom and the pillow spray in the bedroom. I had not been using the pillow spray for a while as my sleep pattern is okay at the moment, after not sleeping right for over a year with my gallbladder issues after I had it out in December and got over the second unplanned surgery and bloodless and transfusion, my sleep was great. But Glenn sprayed it last Friday night on both our pillows and we were asleep until 11am the following morning from before midnight, over 11 hours sleep, it was magical and I felt the benefits for days. They have just launched a new Scent to Sleep face oil, that you apply to you face, hint is in the name, every night and it a) helps you sleep with its powerful formula of antioxidants, omega complex and oils rich in vitamins.  It works hand in hand with your pillow spray to give you the best nights sleep whilst working hard to restore skin overnight. I love a double jobber when it comes to beauty!!

This Works is the other brand that I have a long standing love affair with, last year they launched Sleep Plus+ which is proper magical and knocks you out in minutes. It does have a stronger lavender scent than Neom, but I love the smell of lavender so it works for me. Burning the candle in the sitting room for at least an hour before you go to bed really sets you up for a good sleep. And the new Sleep Plus spray works throughout the night, every time you move in bed the movement releases the scent and keeps you in a deeper sleep than normal. The whole lot can be used together or just one, I find using the candles and the pillow mist is more than enough, but if you are a troubled sleeper you can try the lot!



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