For years I used the mint & rosemary shower gel, but somewhere along the line I forgot about it and never bought it anymore. On a recent trip to London I got reacquainted with the brand and my love affair with Aveda has begun again.

The brand which is so well known as a hair brand, their shampoo’s and styling products are beautiful, has so much more going on. It has been cruelty free since its conception in the 70’s, they do not test on animals, I have verified this on the PETA website. Their packaging is made from 100% recycled material, the reason that they don’t have highly coloured packaging is because they don’t like to use too much dye when making their packaging. The packaging is also 100% recyclable so can go string into your green bin. They use natural ingredients whenever possible, a lot of their products have a massive 98% of natural ingredients. And finally the smells, oh the smells are divine.

The Chakra body mists are wonderful. I am not sure if I believe in chakra’s etc but I do believe in aromatherapy and how certain scents can make you feel different. I got Chakra 4 which is all about harmony, I keep it at my desk and spritz it every time I think of it, almost like a room spray. I am sure the good people at Aveda will be raging!!

The Be Curly range was a definite favourite of mine when I didn’t tie my hair up. There is something about it that just works for curls, there’s a wheat ingredient in it that stops any moisture from the atmosphere from getting into your hair, moisture is the enemy for curly haired people, moisture = frizz. Now that I tie it up I don’t have use for the curl cream, which is magical. But they launched the Be Curly co-wash which is a conditioning light shampoo, perfect for me, I don’t have the time or will to be using a conditioner in the shower but this does everything. I wouldn’t recommend using this alone if you have long curly hair, get the conditioner!

They have just relaunched Invati, which is a 3 step programme for thicker fuller hair. I just got this yesterday so have not tried it yet but will do a post in a few weeks when I can tell the results.


I have managed to get my hands on the Rosemary Mint shower gel as yet but as soon as I am in Brown Thomas it is coming home with me!! It has a slightly cooling feeling in the shower, nothing dramatic like some of the brands just a refreshing hint of mint.



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