Clarins SOS Primers

Now, if you read my blog you will know that I am not a fan of primers. I generally don’t like how they feel, I think they are another expense that is unnecessary and a lot of them feel terrible on the skin. I barely ever use them, unless a client has serious acne scaring then I will use one….. until now!


The new SOS Primers from Clarins are more like skincare than a traditional primer. With a slight tint to deal with skin issues, a green tint for people that suffer from redness in their skin, perfect for people that suffer with rosea. If you suffer from pigmentation spot the coral one is perfect, if you’re feeling tired, hello January, the pink one makes your skin look rested and healthy. For radiance get the white one, not so much a colour corrector then a instant lighting effect on your skin, I applied this first and then added some to a foundation that was one shade too dark for the model and the result was beautiful luminous skin, like really beautiful skin. For sallow skin that you want to brighten up get the lavender shade and your skin will appear brighter instantly. Finally for imperfections like dark circles or thread veins try the peach one. I have used a couple of different ones on clients that had red cheeks and dark circles, so I used the red one on the cheek and the peach one on the nose and under eye and then the white one on the rest of the face and the results were beautiful. The skin felt fab, there is zero residue of product that can effect the performance of makeup that you apply on top. Do gives these a go if you have any skin issues.



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