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How Your Skin Type May Impact Your Skin Tightening Choices

If you are upset because your skin is starting to sag then you are in good company. Many people just like you and I struggle with sagging skin all the time. That is why the skincare industry has created so many different ways to treat skin sags over the years. However, just because many treatments for skin sagging exist, this does not mean you qualify for all of them. Your skin type may have a direct impact on which skin tightening choices are available to you.

The Role Skin Pigmentation Plays in Choosing Skin Tightening Methods

Hyper pigmentation is a process by which skin pigment in a specific area is changed, causing the skin to have darker or lighter patches in some areas as opposed to the normal skin tone. If your skin is a darker skin color then you may be particularly prone to hyper pigmentation after certain types of skincare treatments, such as microdermabrasion and Botox injections. Hyper pigmentation occurs when the melanocytes which control the distribution of skin-coloring melanin are disrupted.

In the past people with darker skin tones were often told to avoid laser procedures because of the risk of hyper pigmentation. However, thanks to today’s technologies modern clinicians have solved that problem. There are many many laser treatments for sale in today’s skincare industry which are fully capable of treating patients with darker skin tones. Nevertheless, if your skin is darker you must be careful about choosing the proper type of laser treatment, which is something your dermatologist or beautian can help you with. You may also receive a recommendation against laser treatment if you have other factors which could negatively impact your laser treatment candidacy.

 The Role Skin Oils Play in Skin Tightening Treatment Choice

One example of a case where you may be told that laser treatment is not right for you is if your skin is excessively oily. The heat involved in laser treatment could cause those skin oils to boil, leading to severe burns, blisters, and scars. Since people with darker skin tones also tend to have more oily skin in a lot of instances, that is a primary reason why many people with dark skin opt for other treatment methods.

 Other Skin Treatment Methods Which Are Available

When considering your skin tightening options you must be aware of all of your available options, especially if you think you may encounter some of the problems above. For example, you can choose a form of sound wave therapy to help your skin cells strengthen through increased collagen production. Due to the fact that sound has no negative impact on melanin production or oil glands such sound wave treatments may work well for you, even if you have oily or dark colored skin.

One type of sound wave treatment is called ultrasound therapy. It tends to produce more intense sound waves which can penetrate into your deeper skin tissues. If you would prefer to start out with a milder form of treatment you can try radio frequency therapy, which essentially does the same job but on a smaller scale.

Understand How Long it Will Take to See Skin Tightening Results

The length of time it will take for you to see skin tightening results from any treatment will depend on your skin health and the type of treatment you choose. Microdermabrasion and certain types of laser therapy can show both some immediate results and ongoing improvement after treatment. The results of milder treatments like sound wave therapy may take longer to become apparent. The number of appointments you will need to make for skin tightening will also vary greatly depending on your skin tightening method of choice.


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