The perfect nude lip

Nude lips have always been and will always be in fashion. Since the days of Spice lip-liner from MAC in the 1990’s women have been in search for the perfect nude. There are so many great brands that really good nudes, but there are so many terrible nude lipsticks around, too many! For me the perfect nude has to have some colour, I hate nothing more than a lipstick that is the same colour as your skin, it makes you look dead people. Colour is needed to make your pout look full and youthful.

Chanel make some of my favourite lipsticks on the planet. You’ll notice that none of these are matte, again you want your lips to look hydrated and full. Starting from the top left I ave Rouge Coco, an ultra hydrating lipstick in a brown/pink colour called Marie, this literally suits everyone. Then the very top right corner is Rouge Coco Shine in Rendez Vous, this is almost a hybrid of a lipstick, gloss and balm in a traditional lipstick bullet, easy to apply and perfect for these cold days and dehydrated lips. Under that is Message from the Rouge Cococ Stylo again a hybrid of lip care and colour but its almost like a crayon and so easy to apply. Finally from Rouge Coco is Rouge Angélique a super hydrating yet hugely pigmented lipstick that glides on your lips with a full coverage yet super soft finish. All of the Chanel lipsticks are €35.00.

When it comes to lipstick texture very few can rival YSL’s Rouge Pur Couture. No. 9 is a wonderful deep nude. But this set exclusive to Brown Thomas has one of my favourite reds ever made no. 9, I know it is not nude but it’s a beauty, give it a go. This set comes in at €60.00 and is only available while stock lasts so get your skates on.

Tom Ford make great lipsticks. FACT. And colourise they are so exciting with perfect nudes for deeper skin tones, which are hard to find. The texture and feel of them is amazing with so many to choose from you really can’t go wrong. The cost is €48-€49 for the full size one but also available are mini sizes that cost €33. Perfect for your handbag, I always use these for clients that are going to a red carpet event or wedding the lipstick takes up zero space in their clutch.

Clinique’s colour cosmetics are forgotten about all the time, people just think of them as a skincare brand. But no their lipsticks are fab. I particularly love Chubby Sticks, almost like a mix between a thick liner and a lipstick, makes for easy peasy application. Their pep-start lip conditioner is my new favourite lip balm, hydrates your lips perfectly! Best news is that their lipsticks only cost €20.


L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Nudes are genius, six nude shades for all skin colours, I am not a fan of the palest colour but the rest of them are a hit for me. Best bit, they cost just €10.49 or if you buy in Boots you get 3 for 2, so basically they are free!



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