Urban Decay x Kristen Leanne

Urban Decay in the past few year has really come into its own. With mega textures and colours this brand is quickly becoming the makeup artists go to for funky colours. I am fully aware that I should like my mum, lets just move on. Their most recent collaboration is with Kirsten Leanne a YouTube sensation, now in fairness the type of makeup that Kristen does is not my bag, it’s the new wave of makeup where there is a lot of product used. So I wasn’t expecting much from the collection. But I was pleasantly surprised. You don’t have to use the collection like the kids do. The Golden Highlighter is beautiful, it actually just gives your skin a beautiful healthy glow, perfect for nights on the tiles or red carpet.

The Kaleidoscope Dream eyeshadow set is full of colour, and the pigment in these is outstanding. Adding a touch of a strong colour to your makeup instantly makes it more modern and cooler. An almost navy electric blue can look amazing with brown eyes. Just a hint of the lime green where your pupil would be if your eye were open can add drama and make your eyes look huge. The brush that comes in the kit is fab, with longer hairs than the one that comes with the Naked Palette i rather this one as you can get a super soft blend.

The Daydream eyeshadow palette is fab, all matte colours, but not too matte. And with a warm undertone to them all with look amazing on 90% of people. Be careful if you have green eyes they just may be a little too warm for them, have a try on in-store before you buy. I particularly love the orangey tone in the centre, I used this along the brow bone to add a warm flesh tone, it looked so beautiful, it may be my new favourite.

There are lipsticks and a single yellow almost mustard eyeshadow in the collection, which I love but it is not for everyone. All of the lipsticks are matte, so not my favourite but there is a really cool almost grey Liquid Vice lippy, that I will surely buy and quite possibly never use! But how often do you get your hands on a grey lipstick???

Available in the Urban Decay store on Grafton Street, online at UrbanDecay.com and at selected stores nationwide. Go have a play and have fun!



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