YSL Touche Éclat All-in-one foundation

I actually can not believe that I have not written since March 3rd, that is an absolute disgrace and I am sorry but the good news is I have literally been too busy to write. I have not been this busy in quite a while, with lots of early mornings and very late nights. It hasn’t been all work and no play, myself and Glenn went to Budapest for a few days to hang out with my friend Sara, which was lovely! But we had a no computer rule, we both needed to switch off.

If you have not been to Budapest get yourself there, it is an incredible city which is steeped in history with literally social media winning pictures on every corner. Obvs I didn’t take any winning images, but if you need a break and a city break is your idea of fun get there. They are now having a Spring/Summer festival, which is similar to the christmas markets, with traditional food stands and hand crafted gifts to buy. I have been to Budapest a number of times so I pretty much ignored the stalls and went straight to the fancy shops that I couldn’t afford anything in! I was in one high~street store and was looking at stuff and then myself and Glenn went for a romantic walk along the river. About 5 minutes into our walk my hands started to swell up, I ignored it for a few minutes as we were having a lovely time but then I couldn’t ignore it any more as my wedding rings and my Nanny’s wedding ring were becoming really tight. So I have come to the conclusion that I am actually allergic to polyester, this brings me so much joy!!

There has been some incredible stuff happening in the world of beauty, some really amazing makeup launches and skincare is literally changing at lightening speed with some really mega products available.


I am testing and testing and will have some reviews ready soon. But my favourites so far are a new Touche Éclat foundation from YSL Beauté, which is so so beautiful, leaves your skin looking radiant but can be built up to a medium coverage. The coverage is perfect for healthy looking natural skin. I have used it on lots of skin types from really young to over 70 and it really suited them all. When you first pump some out of the tube the texture is a little strange, unlike other foundations, but when you begin to blend it it almost feels like it completely changes texture and tuns into liquid perfect skin. There are 12 shades and has a RRP of €44.00.



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