François Nars

They say never meet your hero. Their hero must not have been Mr. François Nars, I got invited to meet him yesterday in Brown Thomas for the official launch of the new NARS boutique, which is amazing but I will get to that later.


François Nars has been one of my makeup heroes since forever, his work is both exciting and super simple. His super light touch when it comes to skin has shaped how I do makeup. Everyone will know his work even if you are not into makeup. His work features in some of the most iconic images from the 90’s. Although French he moved to New York in the mid 80’s and was literally at the epicentre of the fashion explosion in the early 90’s. Working with all the super models when they were just becoming supermodels, before they had the title. Mr. Nars moved to New York with hair legend Odile Gilbert, they shared an apartment, can you imagine that apartment, two creative masters in the one space! It would have been golden. Apparently they worked hard and played harder, going to mega clubs nightly and working long days, oh to be young and able to stay up after 11pm and go to work the next day.


Mr. Nars has literally worked on every major fashion magazine on the planet, on faces have graced the cover of those magazines and Hollywood stars. In 1995 seeing a gap in the market for lipstick the NARS brand was launched in Barneys in New York, I was there a few months later and bought all 12 shades, I still remember how the almost rubber packaging was uber luxe and so different to anything available on the market and the actual product felt like nothing I had ever felt, heavy with pigment yet moisturising. It was a game changer in the lipstick world.

When the brand was launching as with all new brands they had zero money for things like photographers so Mr. Nars picked up a camera and shot the first campaign for the brand, and has not stopped shooting. The brand has gone from strength to strength since then and is sold all over the world. His blusher Orgasm is iconic it has the perfect amount of pink and peach for Irish skin and has a subtle sheen that makes skin look so healthy.

His beauty photography is astounding. It is really special and his understands light like a painting master. I think makeup artists and photographers look at the same things on jobs, we kind of understand what the other are looking for, but to be able to produce the images that he does is next level talented.

The new boutique in Brown Thomas is beautiful, it is so bright the lighting is incredible just like the products. My favourite products are The Multiple’s, these are sticks of colour that can be used for cheeks, lips and eyes, they come in 13 shades which of course includes the iconic Orgasm. The NARSassist Wanted palette is dreamy, this seasons limited edition palette has the most beautiful peachy shades, wonderful to make pale eyes really stand out and perfect for brightening dark eyes. The Longer than life eye liners are a staple in most makeup artists kits, super long lasting and they blend like a dream. And pretty mush all of NARS foundations are beautiful, I particularly love the stick foundations and the Radiant Longwear foundations. Also their brushes are stunning! Get yourself into the new boutique and have a play with the products in Brown Thomas Grafton Street.


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