When life gives you lemons….

Today was one of those days that I needed something sweet. Last weekend I went for dinner to a friends house and I made Lemon Meringue Pie, which tasted mega but the lemon curd didn’t set. So today I made another one! Here’s what you’ll need: For the pastry 175g plain flour 100g cold butter,…

Rock Buns

This morning I had an urge to bake something so I decided to bake some rock buns, a scone like bun but it has a lot more sugar than scones so the texture is harder and more crumbly. They are mega! And couldn’t be easier to make! Here’s what you’ll need 225g/8oz Self Raising Flour…

Bloomer (mega white bread)

So today I made Paul Hollywoods Bloomer. Did you see him last night? He became a gay icon when he said that he can be a spoilt Daddy. He is a legend or as my friend Shivvy said he is Breadly! Here’s what you will need: 500g/1lb 2oz strong white flour, plus extra for kneading…


I made these scones today. I’ve started to use Paul Hollywood’s recipe for scones as they are quite possibly the lightest scones that you have ever tasted. And couldn’t be easier to make, once you have a food processor. Even without one it’s only 5 minutes of mixing. They taste sublime!

Fairy Berry’s Queen of Puddings

It was my aunts birthday this week and she had told me a while ago that she wanted to try Queen of Puddings. So what better occasion than your birthday to try a tasty treat! This pudding was beautiful, and really easy to bake. Firstly you make a simple custard, make sure to warm the…

Chocolate Eclairs

I made these babies this evening! Heavenly! I used Raymond Blanc’s recipe for the choux pastry and the crème patissière. For the glaze I I just melted dark chocolate and added a little cream. Delish!! nl

Chocolate brownies

These are so tasty! I always try adding something to my brownies to give them a little crunch. Walnuts are generally what I use but I had none so I tried digestive biscuits and they are great!


Here’s my Christmas pudding, it’s a really old recipe that includes a bottle of stout.


So here is my first attempt at making the famous French treats. Although they don’t look quite as nice as ones that you’d buy, they tasted just as good, I think I put too much of the caramel inside causing them overflow! Can you think of anything else you’d like overflowing?. Just after they where…

Christmas cake and puddings

I have been baking christmas cakes and making puddings since October. I have made 8 pudding for family and friends and they are now almost ready, all that needs to be done is steam them for another two hours on Christmas Day. The cakes are baked since mid October and I have been feeding them…

Walnut and Raisin Bread

So here’s my Walnut and raisin bread. It tastes amazing. It takes over three hours to get ready, two hours to prof before you add the walnuts and raisins and then another hour after you combine the fruit and nuts. This bread is perfect with cheese or toasted for breakfast.